Learning Community

Online Learning Community

Cultural Competence.  Intercultural Development.  Inclusive Leadership.

An online learning community will allow you to learn alongside other professionals working through similar challenges and toward similar goals.  

This 6 - 12 month experience will help you to:

Get a head start!  Register for the Intro Coaching Package, which includes your personal assessment, debrief, personalized plan + one coaching session to get you started in the right direction! 

What's next?

Why a Learning Community?

You are not alone!  Get ongoing support from your coach and from other professionals who are on the same learning journey.

Research and personal experience with clients affirm that a year from now, you can see measurable growth in your intercultural competence (as measured by the IDI*) with a regular commitment to the work in your Development Plan.  

Have a better understanding of your own lens for looking and and interacting with the world, insight from other professionals working through similar challenges, and new tools and skills for continuing to grow long after our work together is ended.

Receive content specifically tailored to further your intercultural development and meet your personal learning goals:

Transformation takes time and effort; the group provides you with the resources and tools you need to reach your goals.